‘World Funniest Condom Commercial’ Scam on Facebook

While not extremely dangerous, a new like-jacking scam is spreading on Facebook that results is a user liking a page when they click to see the so-called “World Funniest Condom Commercial.”

The story that shows up on users’ profiles is pictured below. Don’t be surprised if you see this one pop up. Right now it continues to spread and so far has duped over 35,000 users. My guess is that this scam will be shut down in the next hour or so, but make sure you don’t fall for this trap!

There’s nothing extremely unique about this scam versus others in the past. In contrast to some of the more advanced scams that we’ve reported over the past couple months, this appears to be a pretty standard one.

The scammers behind this are most likely running a test to make sure their latest like-jacking scripts are up to date (which it appears they are). If you see the image pictured below, don’t click it!

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