Gives 50GB Free Online Storage Gives 50GB Free Online Storage

When you hear that 50 GB of free storage is up for grabs you naturally have to ask, “What’s the catch?” Well the catch is that you have to be an Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad user to qualify.

This is what people found out when they quickly tried to capitalize on the offer made by to give away 50 Gigs worth of free storage for life. Apple product users were thrilled, but other people were incensed. The offer was made on’s official blog by the company’s social media manager, Mark Saldana. It will run starting the 13th of October 2011 and last for 50 days.

So, lucky Apple product users will get a chance to get 50 Gigs worth of cloud storage; something which non-apple users can only dream of. If only there was the equivalent of the iPhone 4S on other platforms. According to some experts the offer by is really just an effort to capitalize on the euphoria surrounding the launch of the Apple iPhone 4. This naturally is being denied but for people who don’t own an Apple product and who can’t get their hands on the 50 Gigs worth of storage, the motive is crystal!

Still, we won’t begrudge Apple users of the ton of storage space they’ll now enjoy. We’ll patiently wait our turn. Let’s just hope that Android users benefit from the launch of a new product—100 Gigs free from would be might handy indeed.

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