Download Linux Mint 12 (RC1)

Download Linux Mint 12

Linux Mint founder and lead developer Clement Lefebvre has announced the arrival of a release candidate for version 12 of his project's Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, code-named "Lisa". The new edition has a GNOME 3 desktop with customisations that bring some of the look and feel of GNOME 2.

Last week, the Mint team announced that version 12 of the distribution will switch to GNOME 3 but continue to offer the familiar desktop environment to users. The developers do this via "Mint Gnome Shell Extensions" (MGSE), which add traditional desktop elements such as a start menu and window list at the bottom of the screen.

More details about the release candidate can be found on the New features in Linux Mint 12 page. Although the project's community site is still down for maintenance, ISO images of the release candidate can be downloaded from several mirror servers. (via | h-online)

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