4Shared Gives 15GB Free Cloud Storage

4Shared Gives 15GB Free Cloud Storage | A light chat with colleagues over the preferred place for digital storage these days can descend into embarrassment unless you can vouch for the ‘Cloud’. Indeed the Cloud is fast cementing itself as the new paradigm and companies are rushing to fill the void and act as ‘repositories in the sky’.

15GB Free Cloud Storage

The latest company to make a foray into the Cloud storage business is 4Shared, the popular file sharing website. News is that 4Shared is taking a page out of Microsoft’s book by offering 15 GB of free storage to anyone willing to confirm their email address and stick to an uploading stipulation. That stipulation is that no file larger than 2GB can be uploaded at any one time.

This (fantastic) offer by 4Shared is good news indeed, and although it’s not quite the free 25 GB free storage offered by Microsoft Sky Drive, it is a massive improvement on the free storage offered by other big players such as Dropbox (who only offer a paltry 2GB). Of course storage would be nothing in today’s environment unless the data stored can be synced with the plethora of devices that we all tend to lug around. The new 4Shared Cloud storage system reportedly works with most Smartphones and Tablets, including the iPhone and Ipad.

Now that 4Shared has joined the Cloud storage battle, we can expect other players to step up their game. Dropbox in particular will need to be more liberal on the ‘free’ side.

Do you think 4Shared can displace DropBox or Microsoft Sky Drive as the default Cloud storage service? Let us know what you think in the comments below. (via)

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