Play Online Golf at Google Chrome

This Thursday, the productivity of tens of millions of golf fans around the world will hit new lows as the U.S. Open, the second of the four major golf championships, kicks off at the Congressional Country Club. For those of you who are determined to keep up with what promises to be an exciting tournament, there are plenty of apps in the Chrome Web Store that can keep you from missing a single shot.

The USGA has just launched the U.S. Open Today app that provides you with the latest news, video highlights and photos from the tournament. For additional coverage, you can try the Eurosport app or catch the latest photos at Sports Illustrated.

If all this tournament coverage gets you excited to play, you can add the WGT Golf Challenge app to Chrome. This is the most realistic golf game on the web, allowing you to play a closest-to-the-hole challenge at Congressional Country Club, or a new championship course every month.

If you get inspired playing the U.S. Open in the virtual world and you want to plan your next golf expedition, the Fairways360 app will come in handy. With Fairways360, you can explore new courses as if you were standing on the tee. You can also use the app to book tee times at over 1,700 golf courses across the United States, as well as get the current weather conditions and directions to the golf course of your choice.

Finally, to take care of scheduling tee times with your friends, you can try ClubDivot. With ClubDivot, you can create leagues with your friends and instantly notify them via email when you book a tee time to let them know to sign up. You can also organize your favorite golf courses and view your monthly calendar of tee times. This way you can get back to the things that matter most, like working on your swing.

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