Facebook Wants You To Friend Your Friends’ Friends

Facebook continues toencourage us all to befriend people who’ve passed through our lives at various points, and now the site is extending that to folks we’ve heard about from our friends.

Click on this link to see the the feature we’re talking about here: Facebook has added a mutual friend option to the find friends feature.

It shows up in the top of the left-hand column, sometimes showing up at the top. Refresh the page and the mutual friends option may appear beneath or between the other choices — hometown, current city, high school, college and employer.

The mutual friends prompt suggests a few friends you’ve connected with recently and also has a blank field where you can input additional contacts. Checkboxes next to the people’s names let you search for different combinations of friend overlaps.

We dig how Facebook encourages us to connect with others in this fashion and have one suggestion: the top of the page would benefit from a text box or link to instructions on how to make friends lists with differing amounts of access to one’s profile content. That would help make people feel more comfortable befriending those they don’t know as well. Additional links to the help guides on privacy and security would also help.

We’ve asked Facebook to confirm whether the mutual friend finding is an internally generated improvement, rather than a third-party extension of some sort. We’ll update this post with anything we lear.

Meanwhile, readers,what do you think about this latest enhancement to Facebook’s friend finding feature?

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