Top 10 Google Maps Satellite Photos

10. Colonel Sanders

A clever advertising ploy on a planetary scale. Do you wonder if aliens see this and think this is what we all look like? View the Colonel’s Google Map.

9. A doe, a deer, a female deer

A deer runs gracefully…upside down…through a meadow. See the deer in Google Maps.

8. Native American Head in Alberta Canada

The rough terrain in Alberta, Canada forms the head of a Native American when viewed from Google’s eye in the sky. And is that an ear bud and cord dangling from his ear? Get a better look.

7. The Pale Rider in Sutton Poyntz, UK

The Osmington White Horse, outside Sutton Poyntz, UK, is carved into the white chalk on the hillside. These horse-carved shapes are called “Leucippotomy”. Take a ride at Google Maps

6. See the Forest for the Trees

“LUECKE” is written in trees, literally. This was done by clearing trees while leaving strategic trees in the shape of the letters. This is actually viewable from space, so go for a closer look (see the size of the trees in relation) at Google Maps.

5. Follow the White Pink Rabbit

That is one helluva big Easter Bunny! You can find this bunny in Artesina, Italy. Supposedly this rabbit was knitted, not that you can see the yarn at this distance. Is he dead or sleeping, you be the judge. You can also see the rabbit at the artist’s site.

4. Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is just as impressive when created in a field. Not sure how long this one will last so see it fast at Google Maps, it will grow on you.

3. Coca Cola in Chile

This Coca-Cola logo was supposedly created out of coke bottles just outside of Arica in Chile. I wonder if that is considered littering? See the bottles at Google Maps.

2. The Belly Flop that Shook the World

That was one titan-sized belly flop that created that lake. See the real belly whopper in Google Maps.

1. The Real World Browser – Firefox in Portland

Crop circle art made in the shape of the Firefox Logo near Portland, Oregon. Firefox is my personal browser of choice and it appears the choice of our alien crop circle artists. See the truth at Google Maps

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