10 Websites With Fun Tests To Gauge Your IQ

fun tests
Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are on this list. So are Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Abraham Lincoln is also assumed to be a member. Sharon Stone definitely is. But then so might be the guy or gal sitting next to you on the bus. It is a coveted three digit number, but it is far from an exclusive club.
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a term that’s related to the wattage of your brain; in short intelligence and reasoning skills measured across a few standardized tests. Before an inferiority complex starts laying its foundation, remember that I.Q is not a measure of knowledge or its practical application.

To rub our egos the right way, you might take a few serious approved tests and arrive at your IQ. Me? I don’t want to find out where I end up on the dunce scale, so I usually head to these fun tests to gauge my IQ.  Even if I don’t ace them, I can have a bit of fun in the process.


fun tests
Try out the array of tests on this site which include a range of serious self discovery tools and fun quizzes. Majority of the tests are professionally designed for children. Some of the serious tests require a paid subscription, but there are numerous fun tests alongside that are free. Try the free IQ test that measures verbal reasoning and find where your child ranks on the chart. The Spatial IQ quiz helps to test how your child visualizes dimensions in space, arranges objects and develops images internally.


If you are looking for a range of tests that measure everything from IQ to your EQ (Emotional Quotient), then this site deserves to be bookmarked. The serious PhD-certified IQ test (Premium test) measures you in 20 minutes with a barrage of 30 questions. But then if it’s too mind-numbingly serious for you, there are many fun tests too. The fun tests lean more towards your emotional health rather than judging your raw intelligence. They are pretty engaging if you want to poke into facets of your hidden personality.

Free IQ Test

fun tests to take
Just like the name says, this site is a place for a fast, free, and accurate online IQ test. The tests aren’t timed but you have to wade through four sections (20 questions) before you arrive at your IQ figure. If your score crosses the 100 mark, I suggest you take the blue badge they give you and embed it on your blog or online profile.

IQ League

fun tests to take
The 60 Seconds IQ Test on this site is a fun and fast test which pits you against a clock as it countdowns to the minutes on the 10 questions. There are a few questions on general knowledge thrown in too. Points are awarded on the number of seconds you took to answer each question. The site maintains its

own system

to score you, so it’s more of a fun IQ test rather than a scientific one.

Test Yourself

fun tests to take
The neat blue site has tests on personality, relationships, career, intelligence, health, and lifestyle. When it comes to IQ, you might be interested in the What’s your real IQ test which is a scientifically validated test. The test gets to a score using images rather than giving a verbal going over. At the end of the test, you get a free summarized report. The full report is available on a payment.

Magic Mnemonic

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The Flash-based fun IQ test is a colorful animated way to test your reasoning skills. To solve the 27 questions, you get 60 seconds for each. You can control the colorful timer if you are stuck, but that will eat into your points.

Color IQ Test

fun quizzes tests
It won’t help to be color blind on this page. The Color IQ Test is a fun tool to test your sense of color by rearranging a bunch of color chips according to the shades. Try it; it’s definitely more difficult than it looks.

IQ Test

fun tests
This Facebook app tells me that I am a very brilliant guy with an IQ of 140. Pity, that it’s a fun IQ test and not a really scientific one. But if you are on the social site, give the seven questions a shot for some artificial ego boost.

IQ Test European Union

fun quizzes tests
It’s time to wave your country’s flag and go head to head with the world and find out which country is the smartest of them all. As an individual, you also receive information on your intelligence in comparison with others.

Mensa Workout

fun tests
If you have any ambitions of joining Mensa, then try their entertaining practice quiz. It is not an IQ test in the traditional sense, but a practice arena to loosen up your brain cells and have some fun in the process.
These fun IQ tests may not be professionally administered, so do take their results with a pinch of salt even when it’s on the lower side. There’s nothing wrong with exercising your brain cells once in a while. Before you get to our comments section and let us know how seriously you take your IQ score, read two more probing brain posts – 10 Ways to Enhance Brain Fitness Online and Top 8 Websites with Cool Free Personality Traits Tests.
Let these fun IQ and test websites put your brain cells through the wringer.

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